Obama is a GQ man

That’s right, for their November cover GQ France has president (and presidential candidate) Barack Obama!

This issue is great and I’m not only talking design wise, but also content wise. I realize I don’t talk about content in my articles but it also plays a big part in a cover. This is definitely an issue you want to pick up if you can read french. Those great articles are of course completed by great design. It fascinates me to observe how the same magazine ends up being so completely different from one country to another. The general design of GQ US is pretty nice but I don’t love it the same way I do GQ France.

Anyways getting back to this awesome new issue, definitely a go getter! the article and layout on Obama is well worth your time trust me. I usually don’t enjoy reading articles in magazines like this but I have to say this one actually gets me to. The layouts are perfect for legibility and well organized.

It’s a stunning cover, loving the blue they used for the headline and the picture of President Obama is quite nice though I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit bigger to get to a real portrait type photo. Honestly this is the only thing I can find that might bother me a little bit, apart from that kudos to the whole GQ team in Paris.

Time to go grab yours!

side note: Obama has been on a few other GQ covers, which one is your favorite?


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  1. After some consideration, I agree that the latest French cover is the best of the four. Interesting that the head is the same blue as the tie on the US 2008 cover. I’m very fond of the US 2008 cover, with the black G balancing the dark suit, and the portrait being more dominant (I never envy the designers having to cram all that type on there with the picture). The pose, however, with the left arm up (on what?) is a bit awkward. France 2008 doesn’t even look like Obama, with it’s odd smile (?) and skinny neck and left arm. US 2009 is too tight a shot for my tastes; I’m not into counting pores and facial hairs.

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