Vogue UK december redesign

Here is a 30 minute redesign of VOGUE UK’s December 2012 cover, using the same copy and basic layout, only adjusting the main color and of course changing the photo.

SO as I have done before, here is a 30 minute redesign of Vogue UK’s december 2012 cover using a picture from inside of this issue to give you an idea of how this could have been way more interesting (and pop since this was clearly what they were aiming for…).I am using pretty much the first typeface that I stumbld across in my font library for this as the type isn’t the focus here. I don’t know about you but I absolutely cannot tell that these two pictures are of the same woman…


About joannabehar

Graphic Designer, hand-letterer, illustrator, wanderer, recovering nut butter addict.


  1. Pas mal, j’aurais même carrément changé la police !

    • merci! Je n’ai pas changé la police parce que ce n’était pas le but de l’exercice, je voulais just montrer qu’il suffisait d’un minimum de changement pour améliorer la couverture originale =)

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