GQ October class

Yes! Thank you GQ for printing three covers for your October issue. Usually less is more but in this case more is better. For this month GQ decided to cover Aniston’s husband to be Justin Theroux, actor Idris Delba and singer/actor Jeff Bridges.

GQ-October2013The photography is great, all three cover guys look really good. The classic sexy look is back and it feels amazing. The type is not too present, just enough so you know what’s inside without ruining the pictures. I do have to mention the two rectangles with headlines are kind of a no no especially the one with the white outline… do people actually still think boxes with outlines are ok? Tried it without the box on the left and instead put it on the right, I feel like it’s more balanced that way.


I love the fact that the logo is half black and half white, it really enhances the way the lighting works on each of the guy’s portraits. Thank’s GQ, for being classy and smooth this month and giving us the gift of a trio.


About joannabehar

Graphic Designer, hand-letterer, illustrator, wanderer, recovering nut butter addict.

One comment

  1. Given a choice, I think I’d remove the left box, as you did, but leave the right one the way it was. I find the white outlines distracting and unnecessary.

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