Vogue UK June 2014 redesign

Kate upton made the cover of this month’s Vogue UK. It’s quite a disapointing cover considering the model and the photographer. I would have expected more but it turns out we don’t always get what we want right?

After looking at the full photoshoot I saw this one picture and the cover alarms went off in my head. I took about 20 minutes and here’s a little bit of a “what if…” moment…

Vogue Uk quick redesign june2014-2

Dear Vogue, if you are going to have a really hot, beachy and steamy photoshoot with Kate Upton, do it all the way (by all the way I do mean put it on the damn cover). Vogue-Jun14-Cover-redesignFor this redesign I used some of the most basic fonts on my computer (though clearly they need a little help typography wise it’s not the point I’m trying to make).

I understand that dealing with brands and getting the proper credits on a cover is a huge thing but that’s why you plan those things ahead. This shoot is so light and steamy while the cover appears completely dull and washed out. This is another case of Vogue UK being so much better on the inside than it is on the outside (see my previous post on this with Natalia Vodianova). But this is supposed to be a package deal! (see below for more pictures from the shoot)

Next time Vogue, please go through with a concept ALL the way, it would make everything so much better…



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