VF’s July cover fail

 Not too long ago I picked up my issue of Vanity Fair U.S. At first I thought “well that can’t be right…I feel like I’ve bought this issue already.” That’s when I realized they completely “recycled”, if I may say, their January cover.


Where should I even begin? It’s the same damn cover, (minus the christmas ornament and snowflakes but oh dear were those a bad idea…). The shiny red dress? The white background? the red lipstick? WHY? why are they doing this to a july issue? I understand, it’s summer, people are out of town or getting lazy but there is no excuse for this cover. The january one was bad enough they really didn’t have to make a double.

To quote the devil wears Prada: “That’ll be all….”


About joannabehar

Graphic Designer, hand-letterer, illustrator, wanderer, recovering nut butter addict.

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