Natalia Veto-nova

The months go by and the covers look the same. You might wonder why that is. Well I don’t have the answer concerning all magazines but it seems,that lately, clones have been made of Natalia Vodianova. I really think an advancement in technology has been made and is now being used to have Vodianova in different places at the same time. I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel like we are being force-fed her (beautiful) face at every meal and I’m starting to feel a bit tired of it. Three examples below of the latest covers of Vodianova, Vanity Fair U.S, french Vogue and Vogue U.S.
They are all radically different but as mentioned, it’s just a different dressing on the same salad…

Vodianova-cover copie
Of these covers, I would have to say to most flattering photography wise is VF U.S (Mario Testino). It’s sexy without being trashy, moody without being dark and with just the right pinch of glamour.
Typography wise, I really could have done without the “Style” illustrated typography, that really doesn’t work well for me. It’s too bad because the illustrator Alex Trochut has some great design in his back pocket. It looks like VF saw his typographic illustration work from Puma and asked for the same thing (see below for the comparison). It worked great for Puma because the ribbon wasn’t a ribbon but a shoe lace. On this cover here it’s not graceful enough, it feels really rough/stiff which is too bad… Also on the type note, that script typeface used under the logo isn’t very flattering either.


Alright so French Vogue isn’t too bad either. The photography is interesting (by Mert and Marcus). The editing is quite nice, Vodianova’s eyes pop out and the cover as a whole works well. Nothing to say about the type, yes, it’s a little hard to make out, but visually, it works. All in all, not bad! It looks like Vogue, it looks like a fashion publication, so kuddos to that.

Finally, as always, U.S. Vogue disappoints. The cover is just… everything is off, the lighting, the styling, the pose… The photo is just not good. Annie Leibovitz usually shoots in this greenish hue but not this time, it looks like Vodianova is cramped in some kind of genie lamp. It doesn’t work. I’m not going into the typography as I’ve covered it in some of my past posts. Unlike french Vogue it doesn’t look like a fashion oriented magazine. I wish they would start picking up their game.

Conclusion, two decent covers out of three, still doesn’t mean it’s ok to force feed us Natalia every month. Please give us something fresh before we become completely allergic to this dish.
Sincerely, J-

A few of the covers with Vodianova 2013-2014



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