GQ goes Interstellar

Matthew Mc Conaughey, ladies and gents, is rocking the big screens with his latest movie, interstellar. He’s back and the GQs across the globe are backing him up. His face is on the covers of both french and American GQ for their November issues and on GQ U.K’s December issue.

So the question is, who do you think did it better?

MmcC-GQ-Nov14 copie

Let’s start with the GQ Paris. Love the general look of the cover, it pops and it’s really fun. It stands out really well and oh boy do I love the combination of blue and yellow! Great stuff. The photography (by Sebastian Kim) is pretty neutral to me, not bad, not extraordinary either. I love the blue background though, I feel like it adds a lot to the picture and gives it this style I love so much about French GQ. The type is good. For once, I think it could have been a bit bigger actually! The headlines on the bottom right are a little too discrete for my taste, especially since it’s a touch area readability wise. If not bigger, maybe “Bluffant!” should have been white to give it a nice perspective. Despite all that, I feel like it’s a good cover overall! I really like it. I will have to add one negative point on it, they re used a photo that was shot for GQ U.S’s 2013 man of the year cover and unfortunately I think the U.S looked a little better…see for yourself below.


GQ U.S. has photography by Peggy Sirota. I love McConaughey’s face on this picture. It looks human, un-retouched, genuine. I’m not a big fan of the styling but since he just looks so good, that can be excused… I’m a little bothered by the background, I feel like the light to dark is a bit too strong and I would have liked it more with…well less! This is what I would call a friendly cover. The type is easy to read, I don’t love the fonts but I have already covered that in previous posts. The line spacing is a tad tight on the smaller titles, hard to make out the headlines but it’s not too bothersome. This is a good cover for me. It’s simple and I’m sure it’ll sell great.

GQ U.K. also decided to go with blue and yellow as the main colors, though they did go a bit darker than the french. My first impression when I look at this is “Wow, look at how much they retouched Mc Conaughey’s face!”. His eyes look a little creepy compared to the other two GQs don’t they? Yep that’s because someone had a little too much fun with the saturation tool on photoshop, woops. It’s too bad because had this been less retouched it would have been a nice photo (photography by Norman Jean Roy) but I don’t think I can look past this. It looks like they took a black and white picture and recolored it completely, the skin tone seems really off. This is how the printers can ruin a perfectly good picture by the way, unfortunately it happens more often than we’d like, (at least I hope that’s what happened and that this wasn’t the wanted effect).The typography is alright, it looks a bit messy but it’s “ok”. This is clearly not GQ U.K.’s best work, too bad, Mc Conaughey has a great face for a cover.

My favorite this time…it’ll have to be a tie between the French and the American cover! I can’t chose, they both have an equivalent number of good and bad things. We definitely have a loser with G.Q U.K though, let”s hope the next one is better!

What about you, what’s your favorite?


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