GQ France Nov 2014 quick Tweak

Since I grazed the subject on my latest post, I decided it was time to do a quick tweak on GQ Paris’ November cover.

I really wanted to try and see what the headline “Bluffant” at the bottom left would have looked like in white. Seeing that cover for the first time I was a bit skeptical about the black but now that I see my tweak I actually like the black, sometimes you just have to see the bad option for the good one to be obvious.


I also made the white headlines on the top left a tad bigger and added a yellow bar to its right. I felt like this part was missing a little something and this actually helps a little, at least from where I’m standing it does. The blue box on the left under the logo felt extremely tight on the original cover so I widened it up a bit to give it some breathing space. I made the starburst on the right a little bigger and lowered it down to clear Mc Conaughey’s shoulder and made the type inside the GQ logo blue so that you can actually see it. You can see a detail of all the changes below.


All in all, very small tweaks but necessary ones, at least for my taste =)


About joannabehar

Graphic Designer, hand-letterer, illustrator, wanderer, recovering nut butter addict.

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