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I came back this week from a short vacation in New York City and being surrounded by news stands and magazines struck my writing chord. I Saw some great things out there! (looking at you Esquire with your amazing 1000th issue). This made me wonder how we were doing on this side of the planet, (AKA France). So for this post I’ll be looking at the lastest issue of GQ France.

GQ-FR-Nov 2015

I was delighted to see Daniel Craig once again on the cover of GQ France this month, I am loving this photoshoot (by Rankin). The pictures are really great and Mr Bond is looking as good as ever. Photography is a win.

Typewise: a few small things bother me. First, the size of the “007”. It’s good that it’s big BUT it’s almost the same size as the logo and the two are very much competing with each other. This is due to a combination of size and the fact that its a sans serif font. The “Numéro Collector” banner on top of the 007 also feels quite a bit out of place, it’s floating and I think that is a huge part of what is throwing me off here. I did a very quick tweak to see if the font change helped but I’m honestly not sure… GQ-FR-tweakd-Nov2015

Funny enough, GQ Australia used this photoshoot for their cover story this month as well, and it looks way better with their graphic chart and style than the french version. Ironic considering GQ France commissioned this shoot. See for yourself below.


You can see on the Australia cover, though busy, the type is well placed and balanced. The serif typeface goes very nicely with the GQ logo and the photo editing works better here. The almost plain dark green/blue background looks great and Craig’s face is much more evenly toned, whereas on the french cover, it’s a bight too bright. The Background on the GQ France cover is a little too dark and Craig’s suit disappears, we don’t want that. GQ Australia wins this one.


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