Vogues “R” us


It’s almost time for the December issues already so I am hopping on the November train while I still can! This week I’ll be focusing on the Vogues. Vogue U.K features Léa Seydoux with yummy photography by Craig Mc Dean, Vogue U.S has Angelina Jolie photographed by Annie Leibovitz and finally Vogue Paris with Mica Arganaraz by Mario Testino.


Let’s start with my favorite : Vogue U.K. Out of all three, it’s the most unexpected one. It’s fresh and stands out a lot more than the American and French versions. The photography is, for a lack of a better word, sweet, and Seydoux rocks that look. I have my issues with the typography but apart from that it does a great job.


Second favorite this month is Vogue U.S. It’s simple and elegant. Angelina Jolie looks beautiful and it feels like a cozy cover. The only thing that is ruining this it for me is the “Fall wrap up” type. It’s too big and the drop shadow cheapens the whole thing a bit. A serif typeface might have worked better here instead of their usual Sans. Now on the other hand, the “All about Angelina” headline could have been in the Sans Serif typeface considering how close it is to the Vogue logo. It feels like one style is constrained to that side of the cover and that could have used a little tweaking.


Finally, Vogue Paris. Mario Testino does it again with amazing photography. It’s a beautiful photo and the styling is amazing. I’m a little confused as to what happened to the typefaces Vogue Paris usually uses though. These feel heavy and a bit old school which is why this cover is in third place on my rate-o-meter this month.


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