About Joanna

Joanna Behar is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator specializing in editorial design and custom hand lettering. Living in a fort made of markers, sketchbooks and magazines, she creates unique pieces for a wide range of clients. In her spare time she spends many hours flipping through magazines and analyzing their designs to find inspiration and try to improve her own skills.



  1. I share your inclination to analyze the designs of others for inspiration and improvement. Always have, although my career didn’t go in that direction. I wish it had, because design ended up being the part I loved the most. Carry on, and I’ll be back to eavesdrop on your journey and discoveries.

  2. Dan

    Hi Joanna, I’m interested in creating visuals to accompany my blog articles.

    Could you please contact me to discuss your availability and pricing?

    Cheers, Dan

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